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Qureshi Farm and Nursery

Subjects of interest

  • Culturing of tree and herbs
  • To identify characteristics of various trees
  • To get knowledge from aged people- to get traditional knowledge
  • Dreams

  • To save environment and vanishing greenery and encourage awakening among people
  • To plant and cultivate one crore trees
  • To feed people organic food
  • There is Ramlechi village 4 kms far away from Talala taluka headquarters of Junagadh district. Qureshi Farm and Nursery is spread out there in 4 acres of land. Gafarbhai Qureshi and Haji Rahimbhai Qureshi have made this nursery chemical-free by acquiring traditional knowledge from their ancestors. They believe that wealth should not be earned out of nature’s gift. Soil, tree-wood and water should not be sold out.

    Before some times there are 25 to 50 trees in their farm. They grew vegetables, pumps water from well manually. His father made his both ends meet by selling vegetables and fruits in Talala. Financial condition was not good then but he grew 5200 species of herbs, species of fruits, flowers, trees, ornamental plants, medicinal plants by acquiring traditional knowledge from his ancestors. All these kind of plants are grown here. Nature lover farmers come here with full of enthusiasm and buy plants with proud. 3 million plants are sold till now. TV channels including BBC channel broadcasted the program of their nursery. Government officers, farmers, children, youths, ministers, dignitaries, Holy saint Shri Pramukh Swami and even Minister for education Anandiben Patel also visited the nursery. More than 28000 visitors visited the nursery till date, which includes more than 8000 students. Trainees studying in agricultural universities situated in various districts stay here for months to get training of direct farming. Gafurbhai says India is a land of deities, gods, saints. All they love trees. Shri Krishna likes ‘Kadam’ trees, Sitamata likes ‘Sitaphal’ and ‘Ashokphal’, Lakshamanji likes ‘Lakshamanphal’, Mahadev likes wood-apple (Aegle mormelos), God Shri Vishnu likes the Pipal tree and holy basil plant (Ocimum sanctum), God Swaminarayan likes Neem, Shri Tirupati Balaji likes Plant of pearl millet, Son of Pandav Arjun likes white Sadad, protector of culture Kshatriya like ‘Sami’ tree, godess Sarasvati likes white lotus, Lakshmiji likes red lotus, Holy woman Savitri likes banyan tree, Buddha likes ‘Bodhi’ tree Pipal, God Shri Mahavir likes plant of saffron, Jesus Christ likes Christmas tree, Shri Ganesha likes Grass, Mohammad Paygambar likes Ajava date-palm.

    We should get inspiration from them and go step forward for love of nature, save environment and worship of nature. Our holy ancestors inspired us to safeguard nature but due to our greed for population and wealth we could not save environment and we became helpless.

    Any person who is born in India has to love our land and growing trees. Our country is the most sacred land of the world. Gafarbhai Qureshi says various rivers flows in India, various kinds of lands and various religions are there. Although besides variety there is a unity in country hence India is the wealthiest country of the world.

    By the nursery one crore trees reach to various states, plant on land and nature- worship is the concept of Gafarbhai. He is governing member of All India Nursery Association. He arranges farmer-meets, meetings through tours in various states in India to increase love for trees. He sells products of Qureshi farm and Nursery himself. He himself determines price of the product. He gives right to check-quality to consumers. He firmly believes that each human being should worship Goddess land by growing one tree during his life. He produces fertilizers through wormy-compost and sells to farmers.

    Generally there is a picture that illiterate in the rural areas does farming but when literate from urban areas will look at villages and do farming definitely the nation will become wealthy. Clean air, water and food are available in villages. Health is maintained and age is prolonged. He firmly believes that progress is possible only when there is clean food and clean ideas.

    Indigenous medicines are prepared of forest medicinal plants to cure prolonged disease. More than 33000 patients were supplied medicines from here. He says with confidence that in organic farming production is less at initial stage but further stage expenditure decreases and profit increases. He gives message to farmers that land should make live because it is only base of whole animal kind. We should stop pollution of air, water and soil. Also we should grow more trees and be lovable sons of land. Friends, we should love nature and awake our conscious to grow India’s national wealth. We also should visit Qureshi farm and Nursery once. Telephonic communication is necessary to reach there.